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ENVASSO: ENVironmental ASsessment of Soil for mOnitoring

The ENVironmental ASsessment of Soil for mOnitoring (ENVASSO) Project was funded as Scientific Support to Policy (SSP) under the European Commission 6th Framework Programme (Contract 022713, 2006-8).

The project's main objective was to define and document a soil monitoring system for implementation in support of a Soil Framework Directive, aimed at protecting soil in the EU

The ENVASSO Consortium, comprising 37 partners drawn from 25 EU Member States, succeeded in reviewing existing soil inventories, monitoring programmes, soil indicators and criteria that could serve as a base for a soil monitoring system for Europe. Procedures and protocols appropriate for inclusion in a European soil monitoring system were defined and fully documented and 22 of these procedures were evaluated in 28 Pilot Areas. In conclusion, an outline European Soil Monitoring System, comprising a network of geo-referenced sites at which a qualified sampling process is or could be conducted, is presented.

The six final reports from the ENVASSO project can be downloaded through the following links:

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