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Description of the SIAS (Sviluppo di Indicatori Ambientali sul Suolo in Italia - Development of Soil Indicators in Italy) Project

The European Commission, Joint Research Centre has initiated a close collaboration with APAT (L'Agenzia per la protezione dell'ambiente e per i servizi tecnici) in ITALY in order to develop the Italian Soil Database according to INSPIRE principles following the Pixel methodology and using the data from the italian Regions.

Information and more details about the project may be found in the presentation: Il progetto SIAS: Sviluppo di indicatori Ambientali sul suolo in Italia: Fiorenzo Fumanti (APAT). During the meeting which organised in Ispra (21-23 November) a series of presentations have taken place regarding the APAT project

Data: Reference Grids

1km x 1km Italian Regional Reference Grids: The idea of using grids as a tool for the exchange of soil data and for the creation of a large map out of many small ones is also applied in the SIAS (Sviluppo di Indicatori Ambientali sul Suolo in Italia - Development of Soil Indicators in Italy) project. This project aims at collecting soil data from soil data providers at regional level in Italy in order to assemble Italian maps. Therefore, for each Italian region a 1km x 1km grid has been prepared. The cells in a grid are allocated to the region. Each region should provide only data for its cells.

Project Partners

Region (English) Responsible Organisation
Abruzzi ARSSA
Apulia Regione
Basilicata Regione
Calabria ARSSA
Campania Regione
Emilia-Romagna Regione
Friuli-Venezia Giulia X (no contribution)
Lazio X (no contribution)
Liguria X (no contribution)
Lombardy ERSAF
Marche ASSAM
Molise ERSAF
Piedmont IPLA
Sardinia Universita SS
Sicily Regione
Trentino Provinvia
Tuscany Regione
Umbria Regione
Valle d'Aosta X (no contribution)
Veneto ARPAV
Other Paricipants Organisation Body
CRA - Agricultural Research Council - Italy Experimental Institute for soil study and conservation –Florence

Working Programme

The Working Plan (Programma di Lavoro) has been elaborated from APAT. Find below the most important Phases:

Latest News

Contact points

Project Responsible: Fiorenzo Fumanti (APAT) and Panos Panagos (JRC) for more details regarding the project.
An E-mailing list has been established for the communication of the project. If you want to be part of this mailing list, please send an E-mail to the Technical Co-ordiantor: Panos Panagos

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