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This webpage was prepared in the context of the collaboration agreement between JRC and EFSA. It contains soil, weather and crop data collected by JRC and organised by EFSA for the purpose of this website. The site also hosts the software tool PERSAM for Predicting Environmental Concentrations in soil in support of the: "EFSA Guidance Document for predicting environmental concentrations of active substances of plant protection products and transformation products of these active substances in soil". EFSA was asked by the European Commission to prepare this Guidance Document.

Download the data and the PERSAM software tool

To get access to the data (Version 1.1 or Version 1.0) and the PERSAM tool (Version 1.0.3 or Version 1.0.2) with associated User Manuals, please compile the online form; instructions will then follow how to download the data and the PERSAM tool. By submitting the on-line form , you agree with the terms and conditions associated to the data and the tool.

Information about the data and the PERSAM software tool

The first EFSA Spatial Data set (Version 1.0) was made available in May 2011 created, on the basis of the dataset provided by JRC (see Gardi et al., 2008). Some users commented on inconsistencies in the data, mainly with respect to the spatial characteristics of various layers. The JRC reprocessed all thematic layers from their respective sources. This task resulted in an update to the previous data, hereafter referred to as EFSA Spatial Data Version 1.1 (November 2012). This dataset was supplemented with data from the CAPRI land cover database (Leip et al., 2008).

The data/maps are provided as rasters (ASCII grid), in the ETRS89 Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projection system.

The following 62 datasets are available:

Common properties for the maps are:

Reference system: ETRS 89 LAEA
Rows: 5900
Columns: 4600
Min. X 1500000.0
Max. X 7400000.0
Min. Y 900000.0
Max. Y 5500000.0
Resolution: 1000.0
Reference unit: meter

Documentation on the data:

Documentation in relation to the PERSAM software tool:

Helpdesk - Contacts

Additional Information on the data(It is recommended to read the Documentation)

1. EFSA Data Mask (Filename: EFSA_DATA_MASK.asc)

mask The EFSA data mask layer combines the Eurostat GISCO country layer (EFSA_EU27) with a mask generated from the land cover layer (EFSA_CLC2000). The land cover mask uses CLC classes 1 to 38 and excludes all other classes. The EFSA data mask includes areas not covered by the CAPRI data, such as Malta or Cyprus.

2. EFSA Cover EU Member States (Filename: EFSA_EU27.asc)

mask The layer uses the Eurostat GISCO reference data for administrative boundaries (Country 2010 from 2012). The layer is compatible with the latest data on administrative boundaries (NUTS). The vector data was rasterized to the EFSA specifications.

3. EU Regulatory Zones (Filename: EFSA_EU_REGULATORY_ZONES.asc)

mask The cover of the EU Regulatory Zones layer was extended to include Malta and Cyprus, as specified in EFSA, 2010.

4. EFSA Corine Land Cover Data (Filename: EFSA_CLC2000.asc)

mask The Corine Land Cover 2000 data (CLC2000) from the European Environment Agency (EEA) processed for the EFSA up-date was the raster layer at 250 m resolution of Version 16 from June, 2012 (EEA, 2012).

5. EFSA Generalized Land Use Map (Filename: EFSA_GENERAL_LU.asc)

mask The layer of Generalized Land Use is generated from the EFSA_CLC2000 layer by re-assigning classes according to the arrangement given below:

Number -   Description        - Corine LC Legend ID
1               Annual Crops         12, 13, 19-21
2               Grass                      18
3               Permanent crops     15-17 and 22
4               Rice                       14
5               Non agricultural       all other classes

6. Mean Monthly Temperature (Filenames: EFSA_TMEAN_MONTH1.asc..........EFSA_TMEAN_MONTH12.asc)

The dataset consists of 12 maps containing the monthly mean temperature (deg C) for the period 1960-1990. The dataset is described in Hijmans et al. (2005). Source: WorldClim, current conditions 30arc sec.

7.Mean Annual Temperature (Filename: EFSA_TMEAN_YEAR.asc)

mask The mean annual temperature is calculated form the mean monthly temperature weighted by calendar days for each month.

8. Arrhenius Weighted Mean Annual Temperature (EFSA_TEFF.asc)

mask For the calculation of the Arrhenius weighted mean annual temperature the equation given in EFSA 2010 was applied.

9. Mean Monthly Precipitation (Filenames: EFSA_PREC_MONTH1.asc........EFSA_PREC_MONTH12.asc)

The dataset consists of 12 maps containing the monthly mean precipitation (mm/month) for the period 1960-1990. The dataset is described in Hijmans et al. (2005).

10. Total Mean Annual Precipitation (EFSA_PREC_YEAR.asc)

mask The total mean annual precipitation is calculated as the sum of the mean monthly precipitation.

11. FOCUS Zones (Filename: EFSA_FOCUS_ZONES.asc)

mask The FOCUS Zones layer was calculated from the meteorological data by the classification scheme given in FOCUS (2000).

12. Topsoil Organic Matter (Filename: EFSA_OM_TOP.asc)

Organic matter The layer of organic matter concentrations in the topsoil was calculated from topsoil organic carbon by applying a factor of 1.72.

13. Topsoil pH water (Filename: EFSA_PH_TOP.asc)

pH The topsoil pH layer is compiled from the Harmonized World Soil Database (HWSD) Version 1.1. The data represents the pH water given for the dominant soil unit in the mapping unit.

14. Topsoil Bulk Density (Filename: EFSA_BD_TOP.asc)

Bulk Density The EFSA topsoil bulk density layer was derived from the organic matter layer using a pedo-transfer function (PTF) (Tiktak, et al., 2002).

15. Topsoil Texture Class (Filename: EFSA_TEXTURE_TOP.asc)

Texture The EFSA texture classes are derived from the Harmonised World Soil Database (HWSD). The classes are aligned to the classes used in the European Soil Database.

16. Topsoil Water Content at Field Capacity (Filename: EFSA_THETA_FC_TOP.asc)

Water Content The equation used to calculate the topsoil water content at field capacity is based on the Mualem-Van Genuchten equation (van Genuchten, 1980).

17. Capri land use maps (Filename: EFSA_CAPRI_MASK.asc + EFSA_CAPRI_cropname.asc)

Crop cover maps

The data set "Agricultural Landuse 2000" (referred to as CAPRI2000) was made available to EFSA by the JRC AFOLU project "Greenhouse Gases in Agriculture, Forestry and other land uses in Europe". Meta-information on the data set and a download option is available from the project portal ( The data are documented in Leip, et al., 2008. Any questions concerning the data and their use should be addressed to the point of contact: [adrian.leip(at)].

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