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Welcome to the European Soil Portal

This European Soil Portal is an integral part of the European Soil Data Centre, which is one of the ten environmental data centres in Europe and is the focal point for soil data at European level. This European Soil Portal contributes to a thematic data infrastructure for soils in Europe. It presents data and information regarding soils at European level. It connects to activities within JRC concerning soil (JRC SOIL Action). It serves also as a vehicle to promote the activities of the European Soil Bureau Network. Spatial data collection and processing within this infrastructure is performed according to emerging ideas behind the INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) initiative.

  • Soil Datasets: The European Soil Portal contains currently many soil data, maps, information, Atlases and applications; most of the offered data are at European scale, while, when possible, links to national or global datasets are provided.
  • Soil at JRC: Soil activities within the JRC are concentrated in a specific JRC Action, called FP7 "Soil Data and Information Systems" or SOIL. Thematic Assessement Soil in the "State of Environment Report (SOER2010) is also available.
  • Documents - Publications: European Soil Bureau Research Reports, JRC Scientific and Technical Reports, Papers in Journals, Publications in Conferences, Posters and Publications in CD-ROMs, Glossary of Soil Terms.
  • Soil Projects: many past and current projects relate to the soil activities of JRC .
  • Soil Themes: covers various results for different soil themes such as Erosion, soil Organic Carbon Content, Salinisation, Landslides, Soil Compaction, Biodiversity and soil Contamination.
  • European Soil Bureau Network (ESBN): is a network of soil institutes supporting the JRC soil activities
  • International Cooperation: presents the most Important International Cooperations that Soil Action is participating (Global Soil Partnership, Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative,, Sino-EU Panel on Land and Soil)
  • Events - Presentations in various events(Conferences, Workshops, Meetings, Summer Schools) which are related to the work that the Land Management Unit is doing in relation to the European Soil Bureau Network. Calendar of future events is also available.
  • Awareness Raising Our Goal as Soil Action is to Establish an action plan for the development of measures/programmes/initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of soil across European society (i.e. policy makers, general public, universities, schools, industry, etc.).
  • What's new? chronology of items added to this soil portal. Get the NEWS in XML RSS feed format and the monthly Newsletters.
  • Utilities - Various : A mailing list has been set up in order to keep interested persons up to date with the latest contents on this site. Other Tools such as the Search Engine are also available.
  • Team - Action SOIL: the people at JRC behind the soil activities.

  • Links: key pointers to soil related bodies and International Organisations

World Soil Day: 5th December

Data on contaminated sites
(2/4/14) The data that form the basis for the recently published JRC Reference Report "Progress in the Management of Contaminated Sites in Europe" are available to the public, as an MS Excel file that incorporates not only the data collected in 2012/2012 but also the data from previous exercises...... Download the data.
Soil Erosion in Italy (USLE) and assessment in Forest lands
(9/3/14) The past project on soil erosion in Italy (using USLE) are making the results available.RC also presents a thorough approach (assessment in forest lands), based on the application of multi-spectral remote sensing Landsat imagery,...... Download the data.
Soil Erodibility (K-factor) high resolution dataset
(3/3/14). A harmonised high-resolution soil erodibility map (with a grid cell size of 500 m) for the 25 EU Member States was developed in 2014. Ths high-resolution soil erodibility map (500m) version 2014 incorporates certain improvements over the coarse-resolution map (10km) version 2011: Increased accuracy (Cubist interpolation method), Verification with other studies, Stoniness effect, Coarse fragements & soil structure inclusion and 25 European countries included..... Download the data.
Progress in the Management of Contaminated Sites in Europe
(3/3/14). This report presents facts, analyses and methods on the management of Contaminated Sites, which can inform policy makers, professional practitioners, researchers, citizens and the media. The report is based on data that were collected from the National Reference Centres for Soil in 39 countries belonging to the European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET) during a campaign organised by the JRC European Soil Data Centre in 2011-2012.... Download.
Soil Atlas of Latin America and the Caribbean
(14/2/14). The European Commission's in-house science service today publishes the first ever comprehensive overview of the soils of Latin America and the Caribbean. The atlas is designed to reach the general public, the education sector and policy makers dealing with environmental, agricultural and social issues. The first edition entitled: el Atlas de suelos de América Latina y el Caribe is published in Spanish. Portuguese and English versions will follow.. .... Download.
LIFE Projects on Soil
(3/2/14). The publication includes an overview of soil policy, analysis of LIFE's contribution to its implementation and interviews that link soil science to policy-making to practical action . .... Download.
European Network on Soil Awareness Conference
(3/2/14). The European Network on Soil Awareness held its meeting at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen from 19-20 September 2013. The speakers presentations are available online. . .... Download.
European Hydropedological Data Inventory (EU-HYDI)
(21/1/14). This database holds data from European soils focusing on soil physical, chemical and hydrological properties. It also contains information on geographical location, soil classification and land use/cover at the time of sampling. It was assembled with the aim of encompassing the soil variability in Europe. It contains data from 18 countries with contributions from 29 institutions. .... Download.
Agricultural Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) stocks
(02/12/13). The future EU policy in agriculture will utilized SOC as indicator, both as a main parameter of soil quality and as a strategy to offset CO2 emission by C sequestration. We estimated a current top SOC stock of 17.63 Gt in EU agricultural soils, by an unprecedented model application running about 164,000 combination of climate, soil and land use/management. Data are available for download.
l'Atlas européen de la Biodiversité des Sols
(02/12/13) l'occasion de la Journée Mondiale des Sols, le Centre commun de recherche (JRC), service scientifique de la Commission européenne, publie la version française de sa cartographie unique des sols européens , 5 décembre 2013 à Paris.
Soil Erosion in Crete
(18/11/13) A new soil erosion model, namely G2, was applied in the island of Crete with a focus on agricultural landuses, including potential grazing lands. Download the data layers: monthly erosion, rainfall erosivity, vegetation retention, soil erodibility...
European Regional Partnership
(13/11/13) On 31 October and taking the opportunity of the second Global Soil Week, the Global Soil Partnership Secretariat convened a workshop to discuss about the establishment of the European Soil Partnership. The Berlin communiqué was prepared by the participants GSP partners and agreed to establish the European Soil Partnership whose Secretariat is based in Ispra, Italy . Download the ..Berlin communiqué.
Report on 2nd Global Soil Week
(11/11/13) The second Global Soil Week (GSW 2013) convened in Berlin, Germany, from Sunday, 27 October, to Thursday, 31 October 2013, on the theme "Losing Ground?" Dowload the Summary Report.
Additional Spatial layers derived from the ESDB
(31/10/13) Download the data layers: Total available water content, Depth available to roots, Clay, Silt, Sand, Organic carbon, Bulk Density, Coarse fragments....more...
Meeting FP7 Project coordinators
(22/10/13) In June 2013, DG RTD organised a workshop on "Fostering innovative dialogue between researchers and stakeholders to meet future challenges: Land, Soil, Desertification, Urban and Community-Based Environmental Management". Participants of this workshop were members of the European Commission services, FP7 project COORDINATORS and stakeholders ...more...
The LUCAS Topsoil data are made available
(10/09/13) The available datasets include data from 19,969 samples from 25 Member States. Samples have been analysed for the percentage of coarse fragments, particle size distribution (% clay, silt and sand content), pH (in CaCl2 and H2O), organic carbon (g/kg), carbonate content (g/kg), phosphorous content (mg/kg), total nitrogen content (g/kg), extractable potassium content (mg/kg) , cation exchange capacity (cmol(+)/kg) and for most samples multispectral properties ....More info...
LUCAS Topsoil Survey: methodology, data and results
(10/09/13) In 2009, the European Commission extended the periodic Land Use/Land Cover Area Frame Survey (LUCAS) to sample and analyse the main properties of topsoil in 23 Member States of the European Union (EU)...Download it...
Sino-EU Seminar on land resource allocation
(10/09/13) Land and soil experts from China and Europe gathered in Brussels on the 15th April 2013 to discuss the most stressing issues related to land resources allocation in these two regions of the World..more...
18 peer-review publications from SOIL action in 2012
(03/09/13) The SOIL team has published 18 peer review articles in scientific journal during 2012....more...

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