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"dominant value" rasters

This library contains raster data files (ESRI GRID format) for most attributes (73 in total) of the SGDBE and PTRDB databases of the ESDB version 2 ; cell sizes are 10km x 10km and the grid is aligned with the reference grid recommended during the 1st Workshop on European Reference Grids in the context of the INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) initiative. (Workshop proceedings).

The grids are in the ETRS89 Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area (ETRS_LAEA) co-ordinate system, also documented in the (draft) proceedings.

There are two versions of the library :

Raster values have been derived using the "features to raster" tool in the Spatial Analyst extension of ArcGIS, the feature layer being a shapefile created from the SGDBE geometrical database to which attributes from SGDBE and PTRDB have been linked according to the "dominant value" principle. (see here for an introduction).

The 10km x 10km raster attributes correspond to the attributes represented in the maps of the European Soil Data Base Map Archive as "a collection of maps which represent all attributes which are present in the in the Soil Geographical Database of Eurasia at scale 1:1,000,000 (version 4 beta) and the PedoTransfer Rules Data Base (version 2.0). PDF, A3 format)",

Reference to the data. The data should be referenced as :
"Marc Van Liedekerke, Panos Panagos, ESDBv2 Raster Archive - a set of rasters derived from the European Soil Database distribution version 2 (published by the European Commission and the European Soil Bureau Network, CD-ROM, EUR 19945 EN)"

Download of "dominant value" rasters :

Reference Grids as Polygons

For the convenience of the user, the reference grid used in the rasters above is also available as a polygon or line shapefile ; to be used for visually overlaying the rasters.


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