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Soil erosion estimates (t/ha/yr) by applying the PESERA GRID model at 1km, using the European Soil Database, CORINE land cover, climate data from the MARS Project and a Digital Elevation Model. The resulting estimates of sediment loss are from erosion by water. The PESERA model produces results that depend crucially on land cover as identified by CORINE and the accuracy of the interpolated meteorological data.

The result is available as a map and an explaining booklet:
"Pan-European Soil Erosion Risk Assessment: The PESERA Map, Version 1 October 2003. Explanation of Special Publication Ispra 2004 No.73 (S.P.I.04.73)."
Kirkby, M.J., Jones, R.J.A., Irvine, B., Gobin, A, Govers, G., Cerdan, O., Van Rompaey, A.J.J., Le Bissonnais, Y., Daroussin, J., King, D., Montanarella, L., Grimm, M., Vieillefont, V., Puigdefabregas, J., Boer, M., Kosmas, C., Yassoglou, N., Tsara, M., Mantel, S., Van Lynden, G.J. and Huting, J.(2004). European Soil Bureau Research Report No.16, EUR 21176, 18pp. and 1 map in ISO B1 format. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg.

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Download the map: Pan European Soil Erosion Risk Assessment - PESERA (Size: 1.8 MB, Format: PDF, Resolution: 300 dpi) or JPEG format, Low Resolution(96 dpi) or JPEG Format, High Resolution(300 dpi)


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