WRB-ADJ1: First soil adjective code

The European Soil Database
WRBFU:Full soil Code

Soil Adjective code of the STU taken from the World Reference Base (WRB) for Soil Resources.

WRB-ADJ1: First soil adjective code of the STU from the World Reference Base (WRB) for Soil Resources
Code Value
II Lamellic
Iv Luvic
Ix Lixic
ab Albic
ac Acric
ad Aridic
ae Aceric
ah Anthropic
ai Aric
al Alic
am Anthric
an Andic
ao Acroxic
ap Abruptic
aq Anthraquic
ar Arenic
au Alumic
ax Alcalic
az Arzic
ca Calcaric
cb Carbic
cc Calcic
ch Chernic
cl Chloridic
cn Carbonatic
cr Chromic
ct Cutanic
cy Cryic
dn Densic
du Duric
dy Dystric
es Eutrisilic
et Entic
eu Eutric
fg Fragic
fi Fibric
fl Ferralic
fo Folic
fr Ferric
fu Fulvic
fv Fluvic
ga Garbic
gc Glacic
ge Gelic
gi Gibbsic
gl Gleyic
gm Grumic
gp Gypsiric
gr Geric
gs Glossic
gt Gelistagnic
gy Gypsic
gz Greyic
ha Haplic
hg Hydragric
hi Histic
hk Hyperskeletic
ht Hortic
hu Humic
hy Hydric
ir Irragric
le Leptic
li Lithic
me Melanic
mg Magnesic
mo Mollic
ms Mesotrophic
mz Mazic
na Natric
ni Nitic
oa Oxyaquic
oh Ochric
om Ombric
or Orthic
pa Plaggic
pc Petrocalcic
pd Petroduric
pe Pellic
pf Profondic
pg Petrogypsic
ph Pachic
pi Placic
pl Plinthic
pn Planic
po Posic
pp Petroplinthic
pr Protic
ps Petrosalic
pt Petric
rd Reductic
rg Regic
rh Rheic
ro Rhodic
rp Ruptic
rs Rustic
ru Rubic
rz Rendzic
sa Sapric
sd Spodic
si Silic
sk Skeletic
sl Siltic
so Sodic
sp Spolic
st Stagnic
su Sulphatic
sz Salic
tf Tephric
ti Thionic
tr Terric
tu Turbic
tx Toxic
ty Takyric
ub Urbic
um Umbric
vi Vitric
vm Vermic
vr Vertic
vt Vetic
xa Xanthic
ye Yermic
1 Town
2 Soil disturbed by man
3 Water body
4 Marsh
5 Glacier
6 Rock outcrops

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European Commission, Joint Research Centre.
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Vector Data
environmental resources, protection and conservation. Examples: environmental pollution, waste storage and treatment, environmental impact assessment, monitoring environmental risk, nature reserves, landscape


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