TXSUBDO:Dominant sub-surface textural class

TXSUBDO:Dominant sub-surface textural class

A Soil Typological Unit (STU) can have contrasted sub-surface textures that fall in two different textural classes. The secondary sub-surface textural class (TEXT-SUB-SEC) is used to indicate which sub-surface texture is less extensive than the dominant one. Together the TEXT-SUB-DOM and the TEXT-SUB-SEC attributes reflect the lateral variability of the sub-surface horizon texture within the STU. If there is no such variability or if there is no information, the value of TEXT-SUB-DOM must also be entered for TEXT-SUB-SEC.

>TEXT-SUB-DOM: Dominant sub-surface textural class of the STU
0 No information
9 No mineral texture (Peat soils)
1 Coarse (18% < clay and > 65% sand)
2 Medium (18% < clay < 35% and >= 15% sand, or 18% < clay and 15% < sand < 65%)
3 Medium fine (< 35% clay and < 15% sand)
4 Fine (35% < clay < 60%)
5 Very fine (clay > 60 %)

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European Commission, Joint Research Centre.
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environmental resources, protection and conservation. Examples: environmental pollution, waste storage and treatment, environmental impact assessment, monitoring environmental risk, nature reserves, landscape

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5-10 Years, Data Is Updated In Intervals That Are Uneven In Duration

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