AGLIM1:Dominant limitation to agricultural use

AGLIM1:Dominant limitation to agricultural use
AGLIM1: Dominant limitation to agricultural use.
A STU can have more than one limitation for agricultural use. Only the two most important limitations are considered and ranked in order of their relative importance. Attribute AGLIM1 contains the code of the most important limitation and attribute AGLIM2 the code of the secondary limitation. If there is only one limitation or if the secondary limitation is unknown, then the value of AGLIM1 must also be entered for AGLIM2 . For example, a soil can be both shallow, with a lithic contact within the first 50 cm, and have more than 35% gravel. The pedologist may determine that shallowness is the dominant limiting factor and gravel content is the secondary limitation. Recently, duripans and petroferric horizons have been added to the list of limiting factors. These horizons are more often found in soils of the Mediterranean area than in northern Europe. The major types of chemical and physical limitations for agricultural use are listed below. Most limitations listed here, however, are physical. The list of authorised codes and their corresponding meanings is given in the following table for attribute AGLIM1:
AGLIM1: Dominant limitation to agricultural use
Code Value
0 No information
1 No limitation to agricultural use
2 Gravelly (over 35% gravel diameter < 7.5 cm)
3 Stony (presence of stones diameter > 7.5 cm,
impracticable mechanisation)
4 Lithic (coherent and hard rock within 50 cm)
5 Concretionary (over 35% concretions diameter < 7.5
cm near the surface)
6 Petrocalcic (cemented or indurated calcic horizon
within 100 cm)
7 Saline (electric conductivity > 4 mS.cm-1 within
100 cm)
8 Sodic (Na/T > 6% within 100 cm)
9 Glaciers and snow-caps
10 Soils disturbed by man (i.e. landfills, paved
surfaces, mine spoils)
11 Fragipans
12 Excessively drained
13 Almost always flooded
14 Eroded phase, erosion
15 Phreatic phase (shallow water table)
16 Duripan (silica and iron cemented subsoil horizon)
17 Petroferric horizon
18 Permafrost

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