Postdoctoral position: Integration of soil ecosystem services assessment in territorial planning


A position is open for a Postdoc Fellowship within the project “Soilserv - Multi-scale assessment of soil ecosystem services in agroecosystems” funded by the French Research Agency (ANR). Soilserv aims to combine biophysical and socio-economic approaches to assess ecosystem services of agricultural soils and to analyse their economic valuation in farmers or public decisions (

The post-doc research will focus on soil ecosystem services (SES) assessment in territorial planning procedures, namely in the construction phase of strategic planning documents of large urban territories (SCOT) or of integrated water resources management plans (SAGE). A conceptual model of SES assessment at different spatial scales will be developed and a methodology will be elaborated to evaluate SES at the scale of territories delimited by a SCoT and a SAGE.

Research will be based on real case studies and will associate professional partners involved in their implementation with the academic partners of Soilserv.

Monday, October 30, 2017