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Digisoil: Integrated system of data collection technologies for mapping soil properties

Call:FP7-ENV-2007-1; Start: 01/09/2008
Duration: 36m;
Call: “Development and improvement of technologies for data collection in (digital) soil mapping ”
Area: Soil
Consortium: 10 scientific partners (universities, research centers, SMEs)
Other Information: DIGISOIL is one member of the Soil Technology Cluster of Research Projects funded by the EC

The multidisciplinary DIGISOIL consortium intends to integrate and improve in situ and proximal measurement technologies for the assessment of soil properties and soil degradation indicators, going from the sensing technologies to their integration and their application in (digital) soil mapping (DSM). In addition, our SMEs experience will allow taking into account the feasibility of such developments based on economical constraints, reliability of the results and needs of the DSM community.

In order to assess and prevent soil degradation and to benefit from the different ecological, economical and historical functions of the soil in a sustainable way, there is an obvious need for high resolution and accurate maps of soil properties. The core objective of the project is to explore and exploit new capabilities of advanced geophysical technologies for answering this societal demand. To this aim, DIGISOIL addresses four issues covering technological, soil science and economic aspects: (i) the validation of geophysical (in situ, proximal and airborne) technologies and integrated pedo-geophysical inversion techniques (mechanistic data fusion) (ii) the relation between the geophysical parameters and the soil properties, (iii) the integration of the derived soil properties for mapping soil functions and soil threats, (iv) the evaluation, standardisation and sub-industrialization of the proposed methodologies, including technical and economical studies.

With respect to these issues, the milestones of the DIGISOIL project are:

Work Packages - Deliverables

The brief description of the DIGISOIL Objectives plus the current outputs of the project can be found in Deliverables Section

DSM Survey

The DIGISOIL Consortium involving the SOIL Action of the JRC, is currently in the process of developing a new technology for the assessment of soil properties and soil degradation indicators that can be used for producing high quality geo-referenced soil maps. Before deploying the technology, and in order to better target it to the end user, we have launched a survey which aims to assess the economic feasibility of such an undertaking and its relevance to the end user. To this aim, as a potential end user, we kindly ask you to indicate whether you are interested in making use of this technology and if so, which services you wish to employ. You should fill out first the following questionnaire which takes less than two minutes.

Project Partners

Short name Participant organisation name Country
UCL Université catholique de Louvain BE
FZJ Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH DE
JRC Joint Research Centre, Institute for Environment and Sustainability EU - JRC
GIR Geological Institute of Romania RO
UPA University of Pannonia HU
GAV Galileo Avionica IT
UNIFI University of Firenze IT


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