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From the 25th to the 29th of August 2008 the EUROSOIL congress was held in Vienna, Austria. Over 1500 soil scientists from 77 countries, including representatives of the 43 European national soil science societies have been meeting and exchanging the most recent results in all domains of soil science. This Congress comprised 31 symposia, 13 workshops, 2 pre- and 1 post-congress excursion as well as different social events (Programme). A special challenge for this Congress was to keep momentum in the European development of soil protection, including the establishment of legal instruments in the form of a European framework directive for soil protection, similar to existing ones, such as for example the water framework directive. A motion to support the EU Framework Directive on Soils was approved by the general assembly of the European soil science societies and addressed to the current Presidency of the EU.

The JRC/IES, as one of the main organizers of this major event, presented in more then 20 oral presentations the full range of its scientific achievements in this field of science. The JRC action SOIL, leading the soil research activities within the JRC, organized a specific one day session on soil quality and the development of a new system of soil indicators. This conference certainly marked a turning point in the European soil science community, establishing a well consolidated scientific basis for soil protection in Europe. The next conference EUROSOIL 2012 will be hosted by the Italian Soil Science Society in Bari, Italy.

Presentations of the Soil Quality Workshop (27/8/2008)

Subject Presentation Title Speaker
Opening address Soil Thematic Strategy of the EU: the framework for protecting the quality of soils in Europe L. Monatnarella
General concept of SQ Soil Quality – A concept in support of the Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection G. Tóth
Threat I.
Crop yields as affected by soil salinity, sodicity and alkalinity
T. Tóth
Threat II. Compaction Soil deformation as a threat to soil functioning - how intense can soil functions be influenced and what are the possibilities to define critical values R. Horn
Soil susceptibility to compaction – evaluation on European level L. Montanarella  
Threat III. Biodiversity decline Main threats on soil biodiversity: pressures and driving forces C. Gardi
Threat IV. Erosion Soil Erosion: a main threat to the soils in Europe E. Rusco
An example of soil threat evaluation: wind erosion assessment using DSM techniques H. Reuter  
Threat V. Landslides Landslide Risk Mapping in Urban Spaces by Using High-Resolution DEM - a Comparative Analysis of Soil Stability in Sarno (South Italy) and Recife (NorthEast-Brazil) R. Seliger
Threat VI. Contamination A framework to estimate the distribution of heavy metals in European Soils L. Lado
Threat VII. SOC decline Application of soil organic carbon for policy-decision making in the EU V. Stolbovoy
Towards soil carbon status indicators in the Veneto Region G. Manni  
SQ Indicator representation MEUSIS, a Multi-Scale European Soil Information System (MEUSIS): novel ways to derive soil indicators through upscaling P. Panagos


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Presentations in other Symposia

Symposia Date Presentation Title Speaker
Greeting address by Niek de Wit, on behalf of Commissioner Stavros Dimas 25/8/2008 The Thematic Strategy on Soil Protection: An Update Niek de Wit
S16: Soil Indicators 26/8/2008 The Soil Thematic Strategy: The Role of Soil Information Niek de Wit
HS17: International and EU Soil Politics 27/8/2008 International and EU Soil Protection Strategies: Status and future Perspectives Luca Montanarella
HS17: International and EU Soil Politics 27/8/2008 Implementation the UNCCD Strategy: Reflections on how better to intergate science's contribution on soil and land issues De Kalbermatten (UNCCD)
W10: workshop on the research agenda 27/8/2008 The Soil Thematic Strategy: Research aspects Niek de Wit
S17: Factors Influencing Land Use 28/8/2008 Land Use and Soil Protection in Europe Luca Montanarella
S15: Application of GIS on solving of soil related problems 29/8/2008 Towards the European Soil Data Centre Marc Van Liedekerke
S22: Awakening conciousness and raising awareness about soil 29/8/2008 European Soil Portal: Raising Awareness about soil Panos Panagos

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