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Portrait: Cenci Roberto

  • Doctor in Biological Sciences, with specialisation in Ecology (University of Milan)
  • Doctor in Natural Sciences, with specialisation in Environmental Sciences with a score (University of Milan)
  • Master degree in Environmental Law with a score 30/30 and first-class honours (Advanced School of Public Administration end Local Authority of Rome)
  • Visiting professor at the University of Milan

Actually working as a scientific researcher of A level at the European Commission JRC, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Ispra (VA), Italy.
His list of publications is composed by more than 440 papers and conference proceedings.
He has been working for more than 35 years on subjects concerning the environment (lakes, rivers, seas) for the evaluation of inorganic pollutants in compartments such as soils, sediments, suspended particulate matter, water, and aquatic mosses and terrestrial mosses. He was the first Italian researcher in Vietnam for the Project on the evaluation of water and sediment quality in the Mekong Delta.

He is responsible for the research group on biodiversity and bio-indicators and soils: the aim of the group is the evaluation of heavy metal and some organic compounds depositions and to evaluate the quality and quantity of biodiversity in soli. He wrote in 1999 for A.N.P.A. (Italian National Environment Protection Agency) and in 2008 a papers about the methodologies for the use of mosses and soils as bio-indicators.

Cenci Roberto

Contact details:
Position: Senior Researcher
Competences: ASoil Biodiversity, Soil Contamination
Unit: Land Management/ SOIL action
Phone: +39 0332 / 789771
Fax: +39 0332 / 786394
Email: roberto.cenci(at)

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